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Our Story

Get Listings reigns as Australia's leading real estate lead generation agency, celebrated by over 500 agents for revolutionizing property sales.

With an impressive $700M in property listings, the platform has driven $14M in partner earnings through generating 70,000 leads, powered by an investment exceeding $5M in advertising. This unparalleled success story showcases their commitment to enhancing agents' market presence and boosting sales through listing leads designed to increase their bottom line.


We've partnered with over 500 Australian real estate agents to bring them high quality property leads.

How Does It Work?

Step 1

Choose Your Lead Plan

Select your lead generation plan by choosing between 4 to 6 suburbs where you want to make your mark.

Each plan is designed to not only put you on the map but to make you the go-to agent in your chosen areas. It’s more than just visibility—it’s about setting the foundation for your legacy. Secure your spot at the top with a plan that positions you as the premier choice in your selected suburbs.

Step 2

Chat To Our Team

After choosing your package, let's get the conversation started. We'll reach out with all the details you need to connect with us on Facebook.

Joining our Facebook messenger group is the quickest way to get in touch, where we'll start tailoring your ad campaign to make sure it hits the ground running. This step is all about setting the stage for your success.

Step 3

Approve Your Ads

Next up, we'll show you the customized ads we've crafted for you. This is where you can see your unique selling points brought to life, targeted precisely at the suburbs you've chosen.

Take a moment to review the ads and make sure they speak to your audience just the way you want. Your approval means we're all set to launch your campaign and get your name out there.

Step 4

Contact Your Leads

The moment your ads go live, the magic begins. Every lead generated from your campaign is directly funneled to you through your preferred channels - be it your phone or email.

This seamless delivery ensures that you're always in the loop, ready to engage with potential clients at a moment's notice. Our system ensures that every lead is a step towards a potential sale, delivered to you with speed and precision.

Step 5

Engage, Chat & List

Armed with fresh leads on your phone and email, it's time to get to work. Reach out with a call or message to introduce yourself and how you can meet their real estate needs. This is your chance to make a personal connection and understand what your prospects are looking for.

Use the details from each lead to tailor your conversation, making every interaction feel personal and attentive. Show them you're the right agent for the job, and when the moment feels right, guide them towards making a decision. Each call is a step closer to a new listing or sale, growing your portfolio one successful close at a time.


Get Listings have been an amazing source of leads.The team at Get Listings are friendly, helpful and very efficient. Even with those of us that maybe technically challenged.

— Barbara Roberts (Belle Property Fremantle)

We have recently joined Get Listings and over the past 6 weeks we have had a number of good quality leads come through and also managed to convert a lead into a great listing.

— Dwight Colbert (Ray White Aspley)

“The team at Get Listings are absolutely fantastic! Their communication is spot on and they work hard to tailor their marketing strategies to suit you. Would highly recommend!”

— Brendon De Rosario (Semple Property Group)

I have been using Tom and the team for over 15 months. With their leads they have over delivered. I have received a number of leads that have turned into listings and sales and as time goes by this number is on the increase.

— Steve Gott (Gott Realty)

I have been with Get listing for a short while but their performance and communication has been a outstanding, I am truly happy with there work and would recommend to others looking for a point of difference as I have with other agents in my office.

— William Teys (Crowne Real Estate - Ipswich)

The staff were capable, friendly, and the service provided great flexibility. All up it was a positive and worthwhile experience

— Andrew Prescott (Clarke & Co Real Estate)